About Us


Welcome To relaytest.co.uk.

We are a division of Inlec UK who are one of Europe’s leading Test Equipment Hire Specialists.

Providing test equipment solutions for the past three decades has allowed our customers to lower costs, improve efficiency and increase profit.

Our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of intelligent testing and power quality control products is an exciting opportunity for us to reach out to an audience who know what they want and who demand accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness.

We are not tied to any particular manufacturer and therefore we only support products and manufacturers, which offer something, truly innovate to the marketplace.




Calibration Management

Our ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratories allow us to evaluate and test all products. Hiring to our clients throughout Europe and beyond has given us the confidence to only promote products of the utmost quality and reliability.

You can be sure our technical staff are up to the job and you will have the support of the Inlec technical team if you need it. Our engineers and technicians are trained in-house through traditional on-the-job apprenticeships, backed up by either electrical or instrumentation qualifications generally to HNC or Graduate and Chartered Engineer level.

The chances are you are an expert within your industry, you know your industry and understand best practice. If we can’t meet your requirements we’ll tell you.

We will never knowingly advise you to buy inappropriate or inferior equipment. In fact, rather than selling you something that won’t do the job, we would rather direct you to an alternative supplier. We are proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity, traits, which we know, will bring you coming back year after year.

We recognize that selling test equipment is just the start of a cycle of ownership;

We repair and calibrate all the equipment we sell so you can be sure that your assets are kept in first class condition throughout their useful life.

We really welcome your feedback as what’s important to you… is vital to us so we hope that you will visit our site, meet the team and be confident that you have chosen a professional, reliable provider of power control products.

Posted by Relaytest UK on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014.