Ponovo PW636i Relay Test Set with Advanced Protection Software

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  • 6x32A and 4x300V
  • 8 binary inputs/outputs
  • 0-250V adjustable threshold for binary inputs
  • Aux DC (0-300V), DC measuring inputs
  • Dimensions: h.360mm w.157mm d.427mm, Weight: 20kg

One of the latest in Ponovo’s test products, the PW636I Universal Test System is a computer aided relay test unit with a high capacity for its current amplifiers, making it ideal for situations where a large current output is needed.

Free download of templates for all known relays.

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Product Description

The PW636 is an extremely powerful universal relay testing system. It is similar to equipment such as the Omicron 356, Programma Freja , Kokos and a number of other brands.

It comes complete with compact flight case with integrated wheels. The flight case is small enough to allow it to used and still have plenty of space in your vehicle for other instrumentation and luggage.

It is powered by Ponovo’s Powertest software.

Ponovo’s Powertest software allows you to test every aspect of relay operation including differential and distance protection. Ponovo also has a full library of templates containing the most commonly used tests for nearly every relay on the market. If a particular relay is not available on the website then an email with details and specifications of the relay that is to be tested will result in a very quick addition to our library.

The AC Current output range is from 6x32A or 3x64A, the AC Voltage is 4x300V and the DC Current output range is 6l-N 0A to 180A. The device also has multiple binary outputs and inputs.

The device runs requires 110-240 Vac and communicates with your Laptop via an Ethernet Cable.

Additional Information

PW636i Software

6*32A 4*300V PowerTest Advanced package, 6*32A 4*300V PowerTest Basic package, 6*32A 4*300V PowerTest Protection package


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